The Hartford Kashrut Commission (HKC) is a regional kashrut supervisory agency based in West Hartford, Connecticut. It adheres strictly to the highest orthodox rules of kashrut and abides by the standards of nationally respected organizations and agencies. The leadership of the Hartford Kashrut Commission is comprised of congregational rabbis, all members of the Rabbinical Council of America and whose synagogues are affiliated with the Orthodox Union (OU).

The HKC operates as the singularly recognized authority for kashrut in central Connecticut, though HKC serves clients in Vermont and other neighboring states. Our emblem can be found on selected retail and commercial food items in states all across the country. It welcomes inquiries from consumers with kashrut questions as well as from companies that might be looking for information about kosher certification. Please click here to send an e-mail to the rabbis of the Hartford Kashrut Commission

Rabbi Chagie Rubin
Rabbi Aaron Jaffee
Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe
Rabbi Yossi Kulek
Rabbi Avram Raskin

Hartford Kashrut Commission

c/o Beth David Synagogue
20 Dover Road
West Hartford, CT 06119